Reach EVERY school...EVERY classroom.

There are many incredible organizations centered around internet education in schools.

We truly respect and honor those organizations. We also recognize in today’s world our teachers are unsung heroes. They are tasked with teaching our kids the current curriculum and have very little time or resources to incorporate anything extra thus, Internet and Cell Safety is not addressed. Our objective is to arm ALL our kids and teens with the knowledge of what is happening out there so they can make the right choices.

Educational Partnerships

Educate 2 Protect partners with KidPhoneAdvocate

Educate 2 Protect partners with Boys and Girls Club of Pueblo

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In the Spotlight

Educate 2 Protect conducts seminars as well as works to deliver the message in the form of skits based on real-life cases which address Internet Safety, Cell Safety, Cyber-bullying and Sexting--- hosted by high school drama departments.

In all forums, students have been overwhelmingly receptive to these educational messages. Surprisingly, the majority of these students have experienced one or more of the issues discussed. In just one hour, E2P was able to demonstrate the importance of cyber-safety and connect one-on-one with the kids. The seminars are broken down by middle school and high school for age-specific content. To have a presentation at your school, organization or business, please contact us.

Educate to Protect Video

8th Grade Survey Results:
57% Have spoken online or via text to individuals they didn't know.
32% Had someone online or via text ask them to take inappropriate pictures of themselves.
29% Have been bullied or harrassed online or via text.

High School Survey Results:
30% Had someone online or via text ask them to take inappropriate pictures of themselves.
21% Have forwarded inappropriate pictures of themselves or someone else.
10% Have been asked to remove clothing or do something inappropriate via webcam.
10% Said they had been bullied online or via text.

Student comments when asked "Is there anything you would like to see in the future?"
    "More about how texting and cyberbullying occurs at our age and how it affects the families as well as the child."
    " (bad website)"
    "Touching inappropriate parts."
    "More about cyberbullying."
    "How many sex offenders use computers and how many times they ask your age."