Make a difference in the life of a child

As a fellow parent, I took great pride in being attentive and keeping a watchful eye on my children, regardless of age.

I didn’t realize how ignorant I was until my 15 year old, after 3 days of having a cell phone decided he no longer appreciated the rule of having to hand it over at 10pm on school nights. This prompted suspicion which was substantiated when I powered up my son’s phone to receive a message saying: "OK, goodnight babe" from a Virginia area code. I immediately called the number, and realized I was dealing with a potential predator based on a generic voicemail (non- gender). I left a mother’s heartfelt message suggesting further action if there were any further contact with my son.

My son thought he was conversing with a 30 year old woman he met on World of Warcraft®. Through investigation, unbeknownst to him, he was in fact conversing with a male. God only knows how old the man was. After my heartfelt message, the predator decided to cancel his cell phone service which only further suggested his intent to harm my child. This prompted my interviews with law enforcement where I learned what I experienced is nothing compared to the dangers endured by children everyday.

This started our mission to get in EVERY school ... EVERY classroom. Your donations help protect those that can't themselves.

100% of your donations go toward providing:

  • Coloring books to the younger grades tailored to internet safety
  • Costumes and puppets for skits to area high schools so they can teach the younger grades
  • Educational and presentation materials

  • To make your donation and a difference in a child's life today, mail your check or money order to:

    Educate 2 Protect
    P.O. Box 7146
    Pueblo West, CO. 81007